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existing deficiencies
Existing Conditions

About IL 59 and Grand Avenue

LCDOT is facilitating this project. Recommendations from this preliminary engineering study were forwarded to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), who has jurisdiction over IL 59, and to the Village of Fox Lake, who has jurisdiction over Grand Avenue and Washington Avenue.

The IL 59/Grand intersection has several existing deficiencies, which include congestion and lack of left-turn lanes on IL 59 which lead to difficulty in maneuvering the intersection. Also, the roads are both on a skew, making it difficult to manage the intersection. Click on the images to the left for more information about the existing conditions and deficiencies.

Traffic at this intersection is a combination of local, regional and recreational traffic. Adjacent businesses, schools and public facilities, such as the Police, Fire and Public Works Department all utilize this intersection on a daily basis.

Intersection History: The unique geometry of the intersection came about from a convergence of roadways that used to be very different from what it is today. Click on the image at the right to see historical aerials from past years. Notice the major reconfiguration shown in the 1988 aerial and the softening of the curve as IL 59 crosses Squaw Creek.

Aireal overview

Aerial Overview

Historical Aerials

Historical Aerials of the Intersection